Tafakari Initiative runs a YouTube channel through which we provide educators and students with information about educational resources, EdTech software reviews, tips & tricks as well as tech-dives.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Tafakari Initiative created various resource videos that focus on free offline and online resources that can assist students to stay current with their learning. Feel free to visit our YouTube channel  & offer feedback about our current videos as well as suggestions for additional videos.


Tafakari Initiative supported teachers at Uhuru Gardens Primary School, Nairobi as they utilized equipment supplied to the school by the Kenyan Government as part of the Digital Literacy Project.

Pictured below are some members of Tafakari Initiative with the lower primary school teachers.


Tafakari at Uhuru Gardens
Tafakari at Uhuru Gardens_2
Tafakari at Uhuru Gardens_3